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A Message From Kyle Crandall, President of the Beechwood Neighborhood Association


The Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition (BNC) takes pride in being one of the most active neighborhood groups in the City of Rochester. The Beechwood Neighborhood is located in Sector 8 and the NE Quadrant of the City. We have many great local businesses and restaurants in the area and are conveniently located just minutes from downtown and major expressways.


The BNC has worked closely with the City of Rochester and the Rochester City School District on the design concept of the Thomas Ryan Community Center and Library that is located at 530 Webster Avenue (map). Construction on this state-of-the-art multi-million dollar facility was completed in September of 2009.


In addition, we are working very closely with the Rochester Police Department to maintain a community where residents feel safe and can expect a quick response from the police when needed. We have seen violent crime decrease drastically in the neighborhood.


The housing market in the Beechwood Neighborhood provides some of the best valued homes in the entire City. Many homes were built in the early-to-mid 1920s and are large and spacious with tremendous character. The citizens, homeowners, and business owners in our neighborhood are proud to call Beechwood our home. We invite you to consider becoming apart of our neighborhood coalition. Please view ourĀ Community Event Calendar to see when our next meeting is and we hope to see you there!


Kyle Crandall
Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition

A Message From The President

Click the image for comments by Kyle Crandall, President of the Beechwood Neighborhood Association.

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Kyle Crandall, President

Investing In Beechwood?

Interested in starting a business or buying property in the Beechwood area? The City of Rochester has information and resources that are just what you're looking for.

Click here to visit the City's Focused Investment Area page for Beechwood.

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